2018-01Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
The Person as a Self-Conflicting Unity

Preview: /Review: Hili Razinsky, Ambivalence: A Philosophical Exploration, London & New York: Rowman & Littlefield International, 2016), 296 pages./ In Ambivalence: A Philosophical Exploration, Hili Razinsky defines a conception of ambivalence in contrast to what she perceives to be its denial or marginalization as a specifically prominent form of mental attitude by predominant philosophical theories. In light…

2017-02Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
Refashioning the Spirit. Michael Inwood’s New Translation of Hegel’s Phenomenology

Preview: In March 2018 Oxford University Press will publish a new English translation of Hegel’s The Phenomenology of Spirit. It was translated anew, annotated and commented by Michael Inwood, a renowned authority in the field, author of Hegel (1983), Hegel’s Dictionary (1992) and A Commentary on Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind (2010). We thought this was…

2017-02Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
In Quest of Platonopolis: Excerpts from Research Visits to Philosophical Communities

Preview: In general, the idea of a completely contemplative life, of a studious leisure whose pleasantness would be still further enhanced by the pure pleasure of the spiritual friendship, exerted on all of Antiquity a fascination which seemed to only increase at the end of the Roman Empire. One hundred years after Plotinus, Augustine too,…

2017-02Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
The New Key to the Modern Aesthetics? Review of Ian W. King’s The Aesthetics of Dress

Preview: /Review: Ian W. King, The Aesthetics of Dress (Berlin: Springer 2017), 78 pages./ This book by Ian W. King has been published in Springer’s “Briefs” series with the purpose of summarizing the current state of research in a given field, and to be a guide to a given topic. DOWNLOAD PDF How to cite: Rychter, Karolina….

2017-01Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
The Future of the Humanistic Study and Its Associated Institutions

Preview: In the United States Higher Education is undergoing a rapid change. Some aspects of this change are welcome, some are simply the inevitable march of progress, and some changes are troubling. The keepers of the humanities in every generation must consider all three sorts of change and adjust to them as…

2017-01Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
Is Value Based Practice Possible without Metaphysics? Contribution to Further Research

Preview: Value Based Practice (VBP) is the position (both practical and theoretical, philosophical and medical), which was derived by Bill Kenneth Fulford from the Natural Language Philosophy. Fulford and his collaborators are interested in the language spoken by all the parties involved in medical care and social work. This language, they claim,…