Jakub Tercz

Dr. Jakub Tercz received his PhD in Philosophy from the Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw. He permanently cooperates with the Institute of Philosophy. He is a member of the steering team of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Open Seminars on Philosophy and Psychiatry Foundation, and Vice Chairman of the Coordination Council at the Association “Regional Team for Mental Health”. His areas of specialization include: Philosophy of Psychiatry, classical German Philosophy, Phenomenology, Poststructuralism, and Speculative Realism. In his doctoral dissertation Gilles Deleuze’s Philosophy of Difference Tercz set up poststructuralism in the context of Immanuel Kant’s transcendental philosophy. He had been interested in the French reception of psychoanalysis that brought him to be the critic of Jacques Lacan and the opponent of considering psychoanalysis as a serious clinical proposition. Currently he is focused on the broad Philosophy and Psychiatry intersection, mainly by using phenomenology, ethics, and critical theory. On the public level Tercz conducts intensive work to strengthen cooperation of the humanities with the mental health care experts (psychiatrist, therapists, social workers together with psychiatry users) both locally in Poland and worldwide. He had a clinical internship at the psychiatric ward as a philosopher of psychiatry to ensure his participating experience and practical knowledge. Tercz is also the initiator and organizer of numerous conferences and debates on this subject and the author of popular articles on philosophy and psychiatry discourse.