Randall E. Auxier

A Professor of Philosophy and Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Among his research interests are Philosophy of Culture (including popular culture), Aesthetics, Process Philosophy and Theology, post-Kantian Continental Philosophy, Pragmatism. He is author ofThe Quantum of Explanation (co-author, Routledge 2017),Metaphysical Graffiti (Open Court 2017), and Time, Will, and Purpose (Open Court, 2013), and over a hundred scholarly articles and book chapters on Vico, Bergson, Dewey, Cassirer, Langer, Whitehead and others. He is editor/co-editor of many books, including The Philosophy of Umberto Eco (2017),The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam (2016),The Philosophy of Arthur Danto (2013),The Philosophy of Richard Rorty (2011), andThe Philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka (2006). He co-founded and edited The Pluralist from 2006 to 2012 (which became the official journal of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy in 2010). Prior to that Auxier edited The Personalist Forum (1997-2006). He is a founder and vice-president of the American Institute for Philosophical and Cultural Thought. Auxier is also a journalist, blogger, radio dj, performing musician, songwriter, political and environmental activist. Apart from editing, his primary duties are to secure the journal’s relationship with Southern Illinois University, and to oversee the growth and health of the journal in the Western Hemisphere. As the Deputy Editor-in-Chief he is involved in monitoring the whole editorial process, ensuring its neutral, honest, and transparent character. As with all members of the Board, he takes the lead on an issue of the journal periodically.