Volume 2: No. 1 (3)/2018

The Problem with Persons

Table of Contents


Randall E. AuxierThe Certainty Principle (1-4)

Thematic Section

John CottinghamWhy We Are Not “Persons” (5-16)
Richard C. PrustFinding Our Way Back to the Personal through Etymology (17-23)
James McLachlanFrom Mythology to Ethics: Seeking an Escape from Ontology in the Eschatologies of Berdyaev and Lévinas (24-39)
Jared KemlingReflective Judgment and Symbolic Functions: On the Possibility of a Phenomenology of Person (40-53)
Matthew Z. DonnellySyntheses Solution: Untangling Bergson’s and Husserl’s Temporal Ontologies (54-66)
Eleanor GodwayJohn Macmurray on the “Personal” as Involving a “Practical Contradiction” and Why It Matters (67-73)
Randall E. AuxierScheler and the Very Existence of the Impersonal (74-86)


Mieszko TałasiewiczReason and Faith (87-95)
Eli KramerUtopia as the Gift of Ethical Genius: Ernst Cassirer’s Theory of Utopia (96-108)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Roger ScrutonOf Beauty and Power (109-111)
Przemysław BursztykaThe Interstices of Reality (112-122)
Tamara NehrubThe Person as a Self-Conflicting Unity (123-128)

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