Joanna Hodge

Joanna Hodge (MA D. Phil. Oxon.) is emeritus professor of philosophy: aesthetics, critique, history at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. She is editor with Professor David Webb of a series of monographs on the work of Michel Serres, at Bloomsbury Press, London, under the title Material Futures, for which we invite expressions of interest. She is on the editorial boards of Angelaki: a journal for the theoretical humanities, Derrida Today, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology. The title of her doctoral thesis (1983) was “Martin Heidegger’s account of truth: a study of Sein und Zeit,” for which she studied in Oxford (Somerville and Wolfson), Heidelberg and Berlin. She has two well received monographs: Heidegger and Ethics (Routledge Taylor and Francis 1995) and Derrida on Time (RTF 2007) with a third under way: The singular politics of Jean-Luc Nancy, for Bloomsbury Press. She wrote the entry On Feminist Temporalities for the recent Oxford Handbook of Feminist Philosophy (OUP 2021) edited by Kim Q Hall and Asta. She served on the UK HEFCE Research assessment exercise panels for philosophy in 2001 and 2008. She is a founder member of the UK Society for European Philosophy, of which she was President from 2001-2004, and. was President of the British Society for Phenomenology from 2008-2011.
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