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Issue 4 (6)/2018
Philosophy and Technology

Table of Contents


Marcin RychterLiving Together in a Techno-World (1-3)

Thematic Section

Stanisław KrajewskiCan a Robot Be Grateful? Beyond Logic, Towards Religion (4-13)
Joel GnThe Technology of the Cute Body (14-26)
Róisín LallyThe Ontological Foundations of Digital Art (27-35)
Rafał IlnickiCryonics: Technological Fictionalization of Death (36-45)
Tibor SolymosiAffording Our Culture: “Smart” Technology and the Prospects for Creative Democracy (46-69)


Adam LipszycTaking Space Seriously: Tehiru, Khora and the Freudian Void (70-81)
John W. August IIIFeeling and Time: The Experience of Passage and its Relation to Meaning (82-92)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Gary HersteinMeasure is the Measure of All Things (93-101)
Crispin SartwellRocking and Reasoning: Randall Auxier’s Sharp Reflections on Rock Music, Philosophy and Life (102-105)
Matthew SharpeInto the Heart of Darkness Or: Alt-Stoicism? Actually, No… (106-113)