Peer-Review Process

As indicated in the Submissions section, to guarantee the high standard of publications, all essays approved at the editorial level have to undergo a double-blind review process. Each text (apart from discussion papers and book reviews) will be evaluated independently by two recognized experts in a given subject matter field. Based on the referees’ recommendations and suggestions, the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision regarding the publication.

The review process will be based on the following rules:

  1. Submitted essays are sent to referees without the name of the author.
  2. All indications, which would make possible identification of the author are removed from the essay for the time of evaluation.
  3. The names of referees are unknown to the author.
  4. After the review process, relevant parts of referee report presenting the general assessment of the submitted essay and indicating its shortcomings are sent to the author with a request to introduce the suggested modifications or corrections.
  5. The text is accepted after introducing the above-specified modifications or corrections. In exceptional cases, the author is entitled to reject these modifications or corrections after providing a proper justification.
  6. The names of referees are listed on our website once a year – until that moment, they remain fully anonymous.
  7. None of the referees is affiliated with the same institution as the author.
  8. The review form consists of four questions and proposed suggestions for improvements:
  • Does the title clearly express the content of the article?
  • Does the paper fulfill the standards provided for the academic journals?
  • Does the article offer a valuable contribution to a certain area of research?
  • Is the language appropriate for an academic paper?
  • Potential suggestions for improvements and final recommendation for publishing (or not).

The estimated time for the Editorial Staff’s and the Peer Reviewers’ feedback should not exceed 5 months in the academic year.

To protect the anonymity of our referees –  the full list of referees for each year is published at the beginning of the subsequent year.

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