Aims & Scope

For a more detailed description of the journal’s profile, structure and division into sections, as well as the publishing schedule, please check the Profile section.

Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture aims to publish the best original work in philosophy of culture, broadly construed. We accept articles belonging to different philosophical traditions and addressing a broad range of problem fields as well as the ones that explore the borderline between philosophy and other disciplines (such as sociology of culture, cultural studies, literary studies, media studies and others). We are also accepting papers representing academic disciplines different than philosophy (e.g. sociology, anthropology, psychology) as far as they address problems related to philosophy of culture or engage in discussions being carried within the latter.

We focus on problems important for contemporary culture and its transformations. We are also interested in metaphilosophical reflection concerning philosophy of culture – its status, methods and relations to other disciplines. Previously published material or exegeses of purely historical nature and with no relevance to the philosophical critique of contemporary culture are excluded.

The texts being published are divided into two categories: academic essays (both related to the main theme of the specific issue or not) and more casual papers such as reviews, polemics and discussion papers. Only the papers belonging to the first category (academic essays) are subjected to the double blind review process.