Edward H. Spence

Dr Edward H. Spence (PhD Philosophy, University of Sydney)  is Honorary Research Associate, the Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, and Charles Sturt University, and Research Fellow at the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology, Netherlands. He is author of several journal articles and authored books including, Caught in the Web: Stoic Philosophy and the Control Problem of AI Technology (in press, October 2021), The Serpent in the Garden: Media Corruption in the Age of Information (2021), Ethics in a Digital Era , with Deni Elliott (2018), Media Markets and Morals (2011), Ethics Within Reason: A Neo-Gewirthian Approach (2006) Advertising Ethics (2005) and Corruption and Anti-Corruption: A Philosophical Approach (2005).  He is the founder and director of the Philosophy Plays project that aims at the communication of philosophy to the general public through drama and audience participation through discussion. Several of his philosophy plays have been performed at Arts and Cultural Festivals in Australia and the USA.
Last updated on October 31st, 2021.

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