Volume 2: No. 2 (4)/2018

Respect for Insanity

Table of Contents


Zofia RosińskaBeyond Diagnosis and Symptoms (1-4)

Thematic Section

Antoine MooijPsychosis as the Failure of Symbolization (5-14)
Andrzej KapustaExperience, Depression and Decision-Making (15-26)
Marcin Moskalewicz, Michael A. Schwartz, Osborne WigginsThe Gift of Insanity. The Rise and Fall of Cultures from a Psychiatric Perspective (27-37)
Borys NowakSilence of an Author and Silence of a Madman (38-52)
Natalie DeprazTrauma and Phenomenology (53-74)
Daniel BurstonPsychiatry and Anti-psychiatry: History, Rhetoric and Reality (75-88)
Zofia RosińskaRecognition and Diagnosis from the Perspective of an Anthropological Philosophy of Culture (89-99)
Roger BartraConsciousness, Culture, and the Brain (100-114)


Stanisław KrajewskiAn Explanation of the Plural Form of God’s Name (115-121)
James G. HartHusserl and the Theological Question (122-135)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

K.W.M. (Bill) FulfordCultural Values and Mental Health: A Manifesto for International Values-based Practice (136-147)
Jakub TerczRepressed Fear of Being Inconsistent. Some Notes on Karl Stern’s Biography (148-153)
Andrew BarretteMoving Beyond Limits Together: Anthony Steinbock’s Phenomenology after Husserl (154-158)

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