Volume 5: No. 4/2021

Physical Culture Issue

Table of Contents


Laura Mueller The Will to Powerlift: Biophysical Reality and the Creation of Culture (1-7)

Thematic Section

Ralph D. EllisRunning and the Paradox of Suffering (8-20)
Aaron Wood – Eugen Sandow: Performing New Masculinities (21-38)
Johnathan FlowersDisability as a Cultural Problem (39-61)
Joshua HallOn Justice as Dance (62-78)


André De TiennePeirce on the Symbolical Foundation of Personhood (79-100)
John F. DeCarloThe Horizontal-Ontological Nature of The Physical Culture of Cancers (101-112)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

James McLachlanFrom Platonism and the Farnese Hercules to Steve Reeves and the Peplum Hercules via a Radical Ohio Hegelian and his Socialist German Acrobats (113-122)

Ars Erotica Symposium
Commentaries on Richard Shusterman’s Ars Erotica: Sex and Somaesthetics in the Classical Arts of Love (Cambridge University Press, 2021)
Marzenna JakubczakSomaesthetics and the Cross-Cultural Dressing of Desire (123-128)
Max RyynänenUpdating Artes Vulgares (129-132)
Ellen Y. ZhangThe Somaesthetic Dimension of the Chinese Qi Erotics (133-137)
Matthew Sharpe“Bringin’ Sexy Back” (and With it, Women): Shusterman Beyond Foucault on the Greeks (138-146)
Marta FaustinoEast and West on the Tension Between Ars Erotica and Ars Vivendi (147-151)
Crispin SartwellThe Erotic and the Political: The Somaesthetics of Sex in Social Context (152-155)
Richard ShustermanEnnobling Love and Erotic Elevation: A Response to Six Readings of Ars Erotica (156-170)

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