Jon Mills

Jon Mills, PsyD, PhD, ABPP is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, and clinical psychologist.  He is a faculty member of the Postgraduate Programs in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy, Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University, Emeritus Professor of Psychology & Psychoanalysis at the Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto, and runs a mental health corporation in Ontario, Canada.  Recipient of numerous awards for his scholarship, he is the author and/or editor of twenty four books in psychoanalysis, philosophy, psychology, and cultural studies including Debating Relational Psychoanalysis: Jon Mills and his Critics (Routledge, 2020); Inventing God (Routledge, 2017); Underworlds: Philosophies of the Unconscious from Psychoanalysis to Metaphysics (Routledge, 2014); Conundrums: A Critique of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (Routledge, 2012); Origins: On the Genesis of Psychic Reality (McGill-Queens University Press, 2010); Treating Attachment Pathology (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005); The Unconscious Abyss: Hegel’s Anticipation of Psychoanalysis (State University of New York Press, 2002); and The Ontology of Prejudice (Rodopi, 1997).
Last updated on November 9th, 2020.

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