Laura Mueller

Dr. Laura J. Mueller received her PhD in 2015 from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Currently she is an Assitant Professor of Philosophy at Department of English, Philosophy, and Modern Languages, West Texas A&M University in Canyon. Previously she was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota (2016-2020). She began her research focusing on the Kantian aesthetic foundations of epistemology, particularly the moral feeling of our human sublimity. In particular, her early research on morality and sublimity led to her current interest in developing what she refers to as “virtue pedagogy,” uniting the theoretical element of moral investigation with practical pedagogical strategies for (and beyond) the classroom in order to cultivate students’ moral and philosophical growth, and she draws from both Dewey and Kant to do so. In addition to her background in Kantian aesthetics and ethics, she also researches, teaches, and writes on American Philosophy, Philosophy of Culture, Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, and Early American and European Modern Philosophy. Upcoming research and writing projects include an invited chapter on personality and objects in cultural phenomenology, work on the moral obligations and failures of the university, and research on the moral components of education. Dr. Mueller is also a fellow at the American Institute of Philosophical and Cultural Thought.
Last updated on August 30th, 2020.

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