Lucio Angelo Privitello

Professor of Philosophy, and Pappas Center for Hellenic Studies Endowed Professor of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Program at Stockton University in New Jersey. Privitello was raised and educated in Grammichele, Sicily, receiving a Diploma Superiore in Ceramics and Design, and was an apprentice to painter/sculptor Giuseppe Benassi in Parma, Italy. He received a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design, an M.A. in Philosophy from Temple University, and an M.A., and Ph.D., in Philosophy from Villanova University. His publications include studies on Bataille, Royce, Chauncey Wright, G.H. Palmer, Marcuse, Deleuze, Visconti, Lampedusa, Baudrillard, Nietzsche, a two-part study and translation/resequencing of the fragments of Parmenides, a critical review of Claudio Paolucci’s text Umberto Eco, as well as a chapter in The Philosophy of Umberto Eco in Vol. XXXV of Library of Living Philosophers. Conference presentations include topics and figures in ancient Greek philosophy, Derrida, Adorno, Lacan, Proust, Santayana, pedagogy, art theory, horror, humor theory, and the philosophy of culture.

Last updated on April 4th, 2020.

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