Vania Baldi

is Professor and researcher in the Digital Media and Interaction Centre of Universidade de Aveiro. He is also Associate Professor in the Italian higher education system in the field of “Sociology of cultural and communicative processes”. He is a sociologist with a PhD in Ethics and Anthropology from the University of Salento (Italy). His research focuses on Affordance of Algorithms in Our Lives, relationship between Immediacy and Hypermediacy in Digital Culture, Anthropology and Epistemology of Technique. He has published books on cultural translation practices in postcolonial scenarios (Editori Riuniti, 2006), on the dialectic between nature, technique and culture in anthropogenetic processes (Besa Editore, 2009), has co-edited books on the unsustainable lightness of the Web (EDUFBA, 2014) and European identity in the new generations (Ed. Affrontamento, 2014). He is editor chief of the journal OBS * (ISSN: 1646-5954).
Last updated on October 31st, 2022.

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