Zofia Rosińska

A Professor Emerita, Institute of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw, where for over 25 years she held the position of the chair of the Department of Philosophy of Culture. She engages with the problems that arise at the meeting point between Psychology and Philosophy. She introduced psychoanalysis to the Polish philosophical scene as a method of reflcting on culture and the human person. Recently she works on the possibility of dialogue between philosophy and psychiatry. She is the author of many books including: Freud (Warszawa, 1993), Jung (Warszawa,1982), Psychoanalityczne myślenie o sztuce (Psychoanalytic Thinking About Art, Warszawa, 1985), Ruch myśli (Movement of Thought, Warszawa 2012). She is also editor or co-editor of many other books including: Psyhoterapia i kutura (Psychotherapy and Culture, Warszawa 1997), Pamięć w filozofii XX wieku (Memory in the XXth century Philosophy, Warszawa 2001) and Co to jest filozofia kultury? (What is Philosophy of Culture?, Warszawa 2006). She is also the chair of the Advisory Board of Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture.
Last updated on April 4th, 2020.

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