Relations Matter

Preview: A relation is what connects two separated beings or what a being joins with itself; what is, in other words, in-between two beings or inside two parts of one being. Relations may be conceived as external or internal to those beings, as an essential part, or as separate beings of another nature….

2018-02Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
Repressed Fear of Being Inconsistent. Some Notes on Karl Stern’s Biography

Preview: /Review of Daniel Burston’s, A Forgotten Freudian: The Passion of Karl Stern (London: Karnac Books 2017), 256 pages./ When the chief editor of Eidos kindly asked me to write a review of Daniel Burston’s new book devoted to Karl Stern, I kept a straight face and gritted my teeth. I did not want to reveal the fact that…

2017-01Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews
Is Value Based Practice Possible without Metaphysics? Contribution to Further Research

Preview: Value Based Practice (VBP) is the position (both practical and theoretical, philosophical and medical), which was derived by Bill Kenneth Fulford from the Natural Language Philosophy. Fulford and his collaborators are interested in the language spoken by all the parties involved in medical care and social work. This language, they claim,…