Volume 2: No. 3 (5)/2018

New Forms of Culture

Table of Contents


Przemysław BursztykaThe Inevitability of Symbols (1-6)

Thematic Section

Randall E. AuxierCassirer: The Coming of a New Humanism (7-26)
Andrzej GniazdowskiThe Politics of Regression: The Idea of the Nation State in the Thought of Ernst Cassirer and Aurel Kolnai (27-41)
Tomasz MaślankaThe Symbolic Imaginary of Counterculture (42-50)
Eli KramerPhilosophical Wandering as a Mode of Philosophy in Cultural Life: From Diogenes of Sinope to Cornel West (51-73)
Magdalena GawinPolitics of Space: From the Experience to the Struggle Over Urban Space (74-89)
Daniel BurstonAuthority, Tradition and the Postmodern University (90-99)


James G. HartMilan Kundera on the Uniqueness of One’s Self (100-127)
Edward S. CaseyEmotion at the Edge (128-135)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

James W. BesseThe New (Warm) Humanism and Posthumanism (136-142)
Douglas AndersonPhilosophy as Culture: Getting Rid of the Professional “of” in Philosophy as a Way of Life (143-147)
John W. August IIIEducation and the Future (148-163)

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