Volume 4: No. 3/2020

Relations: Between Thoughts and Things

Table of Contents


Jakub Tercz Relations Matter (1-4)

Thematic Section

Christian Frigerio Power, Possibility, and Agency: Speculative Realism and Whitehead’s Theory of Relations (5-22)
Piotr Karpiński On the Relation with One’s Own Body (23-36)
David JonesThat Thou Art: Aesthetic Soul/Bodies and Self Interbeing in Buddhism, Phenomenology, and Pragmatism (37-47)
Andrzej KapustaInterpersonal Experience and Psychopathology (48-64)
David AntoniniRelational Plurality as a Corrective to Liberal Atomistic Pluralism (65-75)


Zofia RosińskaProgress and Reversions: Movement in the Hermeneutic Circle of Culture (76-85)
Paul Benjamin CherlinJohn Dewey’s Theory of Emergence: Culture, Mind, Consciousness, and Cognition (86-98)
Pavel ZahrádkaEvaluating Food and Beverage Experience: Paradoxes of the Normativity (99-112)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Jon MillsThe Doomsday Argument Reconsidered (113-127)
Myron Moses JacksonFrom Athens to Atlanta and Beyond: Reshaping Ourselves for a New World Through King’s Living Legacy (128-135)
John W. August IIIRevitalizing Bergson Within the Horizons of Race and Colonialism (136-144)

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