Volume 3: No. 4 (10)/2019

Transformations of Culture: Signs, Symbols, Images

Table of Contents


Przemysław BursztykaCulture and Its Irreducible Pluralities (1-4)

Thematic Section

Maria Gołębiewska The Performative Aspects of Metaphor: The Metaphorization of Silence between Intentionality and Conventionality (5-20)
Martin Kaplický – “The Figure in the Carpet” as Theoretical Tool (21-31)
Piotr SchollenbergerBetween images and fromages: Lyotard on Painting’s Critical Force (32-43)
Adrienne Dengerink ChaplinLanger’s Logic of Signs and Symbols: Its Sources and Application (44-54)
Paweł DybelWitkacy and His Doppelgängers (55-66)
Stephen SnyderAn Image of Power in Transition: St. George Slaying Diocletian and the War of Images (67-100)


Joseph MargolisPhilosophical Constraints on Normativity (101-113)
Laura MuellerEducation, Philosophy, and Morality: Virtue Philosophy in Kant (114-137)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Lucio Angelo PrivitelloThe Devil Wears Damask: Twilled Teaching as Apprenticeships in Creativity (138-149)
Anthony L. CashioTowards a Cure for Lunacy (150-156)
Matthew Sharpe, Eli KramerHadotian Considerations on Buddhist Spiritual Practices (157-169)

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