Volume 5: No. 1/2021

Philosophy as a Way of Life in a Time of Crisis, Part 1

Table of Contents


Eli Kramer Ancient Philosophical Inspirations for Pandemiconium (1-6)

Thematic Section

Michael ChaseWhich School of Ancient Greco-Roman Philosophy is Most Appropriate for Life in a Time of COVID-19? (7-31)
Matthew SharpeA Good Person for a Crisis? On the Wisdom of the Stoic Sage (in Himself & for Us) (32-49)
Marc-Henri DerocheLiving Mindfully Through Crisis: Searching for Life Advice in the “Philosophy-Medicine” of Buddhism (50-69)
Luis de MirandaFive Principles of Philosophical Health for Critical Times: From Hadot to Crealectics (70-89)
Lucio Angelo PrivitelloAnother Kind of Octopus (90-107)


Marcin PorębaGödel, Wittgenstein and the Sensibility of Platonism (108-125)
Maria Alina AsaveiOn Tradition and Cultural Memory in Contemporary Art: Theoretical Considerations (126-139)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Charles JohnsonFor the Love of Wisdom (140-145)
Jan ZwickyFrost and Snow (146-154)
Kevin C. Taylor Situating Narrative and Systematic Accounts of Wisdom (155-161)
Laura Mueller Through a Glass, Darkly: The Struggle of Perfecting Humanity (162-168)

Leading editors: Eli Kramer (Editorial Staff), Micheal Chase (Advisory Board), and Matthew Sharpe (Advisory Board)

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