Volume 7: No. 1/2023

Postcolonialism, Multiculturalism, and Other Perspectives

Table of Contents


Eli Kramer – The Spiritual Exercise of Sankofa: Toward a Post-Colonial, Pluralistic, and Intercultural Philosophy (1-5)

Thematic Section

Victor Peterson IICollective Improvisations: Amiri Baraka and the Articulation of Blackness Across Socio-Cultural Movements (6-25)
Andrew Ka Pok TamConfucian Multiculturalism: A Kantian Reinterpretation of the Classic of Rites (26-46)
Aïda C. Terblanché-Greeff, Petrus NelUndertaking Empirically-Engaged African Philosophy: The Development and Validation of the African Time Inventory (47-64)
Renz M. VillacampaLike Marginalia in the Canon of the Oppressors: Critical Theorizing at the Margin and Attempts for Redemptive Alternatives (65-80)


Charles HerrmanThe Honor-Based Society, Past and Present (81-102)
Jean-Paul MartinonThe Museum’s Fourth Future (103-124)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

James William LincolnAn Invitation to Recover Our Imaginations (125-131)
Robin FriedmanResponses to Naturalism (132-139)

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