Volume 1: No. 1/2017

Is the Category of Human Nature Still Relevant?

Table of Contents


Przemysław BursztykaThe Persistence of a Certain Question (1-4)

Thematic Section

Jos de MulHuman Nature after Neo-Darwinism (5-17)
Agata Bielik-RobsonThe Human Difference: Beyond Nomotropism (18-28)


Zofia RosińskaMystical Experience: Pathology, or Supernormality? (29-38)
James G. HartFrom Moral Annihilation to Luciferism: Aspects of a Phenomenology of Violence (39-60)
Marija SelakSelf(ie) (61-66)
Marcin Poręba Freedom, Symmetry Breaking and Reflective Judgements. An Attempt at an Incompatibilist Account of Freedom (67-75)
Katarzyna Kremplewska – Time as the Source of Inalienable Freedom: Henri Bergson’s “Immunizing” the Self (76-88)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Randall E. AuxierThe Future of the Humanistic Study and Its Associated Institutions (89-93)
Jakub Tercz – Is Value Based Practice Possible without Metaphysics? Contribution to Further Research (94-96)

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