Volume 6: No. 4/2022

In the Power of History

We are honored to dedicate this issue to the brave people of Ukraine
– The Editorial Board

Table of Contents


Przemysław Bursztyka Being-against-Death (1-7)

Thematic Section

Mykola Riabchuk – Calling a Spade a Spade: How to Unwrap a Genocidal Essence from the Kremlin Anti-Ukrainian Rhetoric (8-20)
Julia SushytskaThe Illusion of a Crossroads: Parmenides, Arendt, Mamardashvili and the Space for Truth (21-31)
Deepa MajumdarPuppeteer Putin (32-47)
Sergii P. ShevtsovOn the Ontology of Violence (48-62)
Atish Das, Manhar CharanNational Imagination and Topology of Cultural Violence: Gandhian Recontextualization of “Violence” and “Peace” (63-77)
Randall E. AuxierThe Real Fourth Political Theory (78-95)
Kostiantyn RaikhertThe Logics of Sense and the Russian-Ukrainian War (96-106)
Andrzej GniazdowskiState at War: The Phenomenology of the Russian World by Max Scheler and Kurt Stavenhagen (107-122)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Aaron J. Wendland – Philosophy and the Fight for Freedom (123-126)
Tetiana VlasevychPhilosophy of Culture and Culturology in Ukraine: Problems and Prospects (127-129)

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