Volume 3: No. 1 (7)/2019


Table of Contents


Przemysław BursztykaThe Principle of Differentiation (1-5)

Thematic Section

James G. HartAspects of the Transcendental Phenomenology of Language (6-29)
Maria GołębiewskaEdmund Husserl’s Semantics and the Critical Theses of Late Structuralism (30-50)
Adam LipszycDifferently Married: Revising Wittgenstein, Remembering Bergman (51-63)
Katarzyna WeichertThe Role of Image and Imagination in Paul Ricoeur’s Metaphor Theory (64-77)
Anna MichalskaLogical Connection Argument from the Perspective of Exploratory Behaviors (78-91)


Carlos João CorreiaSusanne K. Langer and the Definition of Art (92-103)
J. Edward HackettValue Commensurability in Brightman and Scheler: Towards a Process Metaethics (104-121)

Discussion Papers, Comments, Book Reviews

Mark TschaepeHumility and Inquiry: A Response to Tibor Solymosi (122-133)
Douglas BergerLessons from Intercultural Philosophy: Getting Over Reductive Comparisons and Attending to Others (134-140)
Charles HerrmanWilliam Sessions on Honor (141-150)

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